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Little Blue River Watershed Project

Welcome to the Little Blue River Watershed!  The watershed includes the land area that is drained by the Little Blue River and its tributaries.  It is in central Indiana, south and east of Indianapolis, and encompasses approximately 67,483 acres in Henry, Rush and Shelby Counties.  The watershed stats immediately south of the town of Dunreith and heads southwest to the Little Blue River's confluence with the Big Blue River in Shelbyville.

The Watershed Project has been formed by individuals and agencies that want to protect and improve water quality in the watershed.

The project has developed a Watershed Management Plan that has lots of detailed information about the physical features of the watershed along with strategies for improving water quality.  To read the Executive Summary click here.  To request a CD of the complete plan contact the Shelby County Soil and Water Conservation District at 317.392.1394 x 3.  Add a link to the Executive Summary from the WMP pages 1-2.

Everyone who is interested in using this natural resource wisely and preserving its health for future generations is invited to join the Little Blue River Watershed Project! Click on the following topics to find out more.

Cost Share To Install Best Management Practices

For news, activities and much more information about the watershed, click here.

For photos of the Little Blue River Click here .